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Full-Stack Developer



Software Engineering
Cambridge, UK
Posted on Tuesday, August 29, 2023

About Us

Concr is a mission-driven techbio company that uses established methods from cosmology to accurately predict patient-specific biomarkers of response to novel and existing cancer therapies.

Our unique approach allows iterative learning between disparate and fragmented data across all stages of a drug’s journey into the clinic, removing the need for ‘big data’ and yielding the most accurate composite tumour models. This enables better and safer life-saving therapies to reach patients faster, prevent resistance and improve efficacy through precision medicine. Using Concr’s cloud-native platform – FarrSight® – researchers can make advanced predictions about biomarkers by leveraging Concr’s unique technology, and perform standard bioinformatics analyses directly.

Concr aims to:

  • accelerate life-saving innovation to reach the clinic,
  • cut the cost of cancer treatment,
  • reduce treatment resistance,
  • enable proactive treatment adaptation, and
  • save lives.

Concr is headquartered in London, with a wholly-owned subsidiary in Brisbane, Australia. The company is a venture capital-backed enterprise, with investors including the University of Cambridge Enterprise, R42 Group, Cambridge Angels, Deep Science Ventures and SyndicateRoom.

About the Role

We are looking for a Frontend/Full-Stack Software Developer to join our growing software development team. You’ll be part of a small but growing team responsible for developing our state-of-the-art bioinformatics research platform. In this role, you will be responsible for designing and developing new features for our users. You’ll be joining Concr at an exciting time, as we grow and scale up, and so there will be plenty of scope for defining your own place in the company.

We’re currently working with NextJS/React alongside Python/Django. We’re not expecting you to know all of the technologies that we use, but rather you should have a strong understanding of the fundamentals and an eagerness to learn. You’ll be working as part of Concr’s UK Hub on a remote-first basis with optional co-working/in-person days (to be introduced).

Salary range (DOE): £55,000.00 - £85,000.00

About You

You are:

  • an experienced developer with 4+ years of relevant experience, ideally using React or other front-end frameworks;
  • comfortable working in an agile environment, with working knowledge of CI/CD pipelines and testing;
  • experienced working within cloud platforms would be beneficial (we use AWS);
  • eager to learn new technologies;
  • able to work collaboratively and deliver projects alongside a growing product/software development team;
  • able to work within a multidisciplinary team, at the intersection of technical development, product, sales and marketing; and
  • motivated to work for the betterment of cancer care.

You will:

  • work with designers, product managers and end users to understand real-life problems and design solutions that will carry a direct impact on the product;
  • design and develop new features and improvements to existing features for our users;
  • quickly put together a prototype or write robust code that can be easily read and maintained;
  • both learn from and teach other members of your team; and
  • be empowered to work on projects that excite you and tailor a work environment that suits you.

What We Offer

We strive to deliver an innovative and flexible working culture in all aspects of our roles. This includes but is not limited to:

  • facilitating remote and/or in-person working arrangements;
  • competitive salary with options-based bonus packages;
  • continued employee development opportunities and support; and
  • agile culture and networking with our world-class research and industry partners.

About the Process

  1. Introductory Chat [30 mins]: a general discussion with the Concr Head of Product Development and the Chief Operating Officer to learn about you, answer your questions about Concr, and discuss the details of the role and its expectations.
  2. Technical Interview [90 mins]: a two-part case study-based interview involving software development using React and system design.
    1. Part 1: You will be provided with sample code in React (or a frontend framework of your choice) and asked to refactor and add new features.
    2. Part 2: You will be given a set of requirements and asked to design a system to meet these requirements.
    3. We will be in touch to provide you with more information leading up to the day about system requirements and what we are looking for during this exercise in an ideal candidate.
  3. Chat with the Co-Founders [30 mins]: a final discussion to answer any remaining questions, explore how you can best contribute to Concr’s long-term vision, identify your professional growth goals within the company, and address any special considerations to set you up for success from Day 1.

    How to Apply

    Please attach your CV, any relevant portfolio, and a cover letter to this job ad.

    The cover letter should explain:

    • the reason for your interest in working in the cancer space,
    • what you can bring to the table in terms of hard and soft skills,
    • any plans or ideas you would like to explore within the company, and
    • A personal development goal that you are comfortable sharing.

    Thank you for your interest in Concr and we look forward to speaking with you in due course!